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The Preseason - Trapping Not the NFL!!

August 30, 2018

This time of year most of my friends young and old get into the mode of preseason football.  Even though I am a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan and try and watch a couple preseason games, there is another kind of preseason that is is upon us.  Trapping season is just around the corner and for many trappers that means attending conventions for supplies and watching a few trapping demos to get new ideas for the upcoming season.  I prepare for trapping season like I used to prepare for a test in college.  "Last Minute"... 


September is the month that I try and get everything ready...  Most of my work involves fixing, straightening, replacing trap parts and then finally dyeing traps.  Last year I only dyed traps and it seemed to work out.  This year I am going thru the same process.  Making sure I have enough bait and lure is a "thing" for me.  Deciding whether to use old bait and lure or start over with "fresh" goods is always a question I have.  Over the years I have asked some of the top lure makers and for the most part keeping the lure and bait in a cool dark area will help with preservation until the next season.  


I have yet to make any wax dirt for my trap line.  I always have good intentions but never get around to it.  Honestly there isn't much time in ND to use wax dirt.  By the time you think you need to start using it we get 2 feet of snow and foothold trapping is done. But never say never and this year I am going to finally make some.  


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