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Fur Trapper Hat Review

I figure it is time to review the full fur trapper hats we have been making. It all started in April of 2018 and I decided I wanted to try and make fur hats. I had no idea where to start or what I was doing. The first version of a raccoon hat was sewn together with an old sewing machine that was sitting in the corner of the garage collecting dust. The first hat actually looked pretty good!! But I knew if I wanted to sell these hats I would have to learn the ins and outs of becoming a furrier.. Now I don't consider myself an expert in fur manufacturing but every day I learn a little more and use those little things to improve my product.

The next step was finding a fur sewing machine. I thought about hand sewing all of the hats but the time I figured it would take is something I just don't have. I knew about as much about a fur sewing machine as I knew about how to land a spaceship on the moon. After much research and questions I settled on a machine and have been using it ever since.

Of course making fur hats during the summer months means I couldn't really try out my hats and see how they worked. I was a bit concerned if they would be too warm if I was working on the trapline all day. The past few days on the trapline I was lucky enough to have some single digit temps and a stiff wind. The hat performed very well. I was pleasantly surprised how it helped with the wind. I didn't have any sort of chill down my neck or back as the hat covers that area really well. My concern about being too warm while working didn't come true. The one test I performed was with a fleece hat I used exclusively outside prior to my fur hats. It is very warm fleece but I noticed when I would wear it my body was quite a bit colder. The only theory I could come up with was the fur hat made my head and neck warmer which caused my body heat to stay in my core instead of going out my head!!!

So on to the next fur product. I am currently in the design phase for gauntlet/chopper mittens. I should have a pair ready in a few days. I will submit another review when I have a chance to use them. I think these mittens will be a favorites among ice fisherman, hunters and those that like to ride snowmobile or just be outside in the cold weather.

Until next time...

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