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2022-2023 Fur Season Outlook

Updated 10/03/2022

Fur season is almost here. The fur market has been in a downtrend for well over 1 year and this year is shaping up to be a lot of the same. Coyotes has been the big item for years, but with the current low demand and pricing, I see coyote prices to continue to be low this season. The top 2 grades will be salable, however any early, damaged, rubbed, over prime, or small coyotes will have difficultly in the market as those type of skins will have zero demand. Other fur types will be lower this year as well. Beaver had a slight uptick late last season, but I anticipate beaver prices will remain constant and only increase if harvest looks to be down.​ Good luck this season!

Coyote -

Price and demand for coyote is at the lowest it has been for several years. Expect coyote skin demand to be low and pricing to be even lower than last season. Lower grade goods will suffer the most.

Red Fox -

Red fox continues to struggle and find a purpose in the wild fur market. 

Muskrat -

Muskrat prices have been up and down over the years. Late in the spring to                      summer, muskrat demand has been lower.

Raccoon -

Raccoon have been low for years and expect the prices to stay the same as                      past years.

Beaver -

Beaver prices increased slightly at the last FHA auction. I would look for                            beaver to stay level and increase slightly if harvest is down.

Mink -

Market is non-existent

Badger -

Badger skins that are pale with feet will do the best.

Skunk -

Bigger skunk with good stripes are in demand for crafts. Essence will always be in demand

Bobcat -Very up and down market. Try and catch this one on the upswing.

Until next time...

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