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2023-2024 Fur Season Outlook

Updated 9/15/2023

Fur season is almost here for 2023. While the fur market as a whole is hanging on by a thread. There are some bright spots with Beaver and the better Bobcats. Coyotes are very difficult to move as is Raccoon, Muskrat, Red Fox and Mink. The better quality top select goods will have demand as usual, however the volume of skins needed for those types is low.

Coyote -

Coyotes will struggle again this year. Expect low prices with very little demand. Top 2 grades in the western sections will be your best bet. Even those skins won't bring too much $$$. Semi heavy coyotes currently do not have a market. The craft market might be your best bet to market skins. Very difficult to move skins in the wholesale market with very little interest.

Red Fox -

Red fox continues to struggle and find a purpose in the wild fur market. 

Muskrat -

Muskrat prices have been up and down over the years. Currently Muskrat prices are as low as ever. Don't expect a sharp rebound anytime soon.

Raccoon -

Raccoon have been low for years and expect the prices to stay the same as                      past years. Bigger Heavy goods will be the most desirable.

Beaver -

Beaver prices have rebounded nicely due to the increase demand in hats. Look for prices the same as last season. Demand will be high.

Mink -

Market is non-existent

Badger -

Badger skins that are pale with feet will do the best. Craft market is the outlet. Good demand for quality skins.

Skunk -

Bigger skunk with good stripes are in demand for crafts. Essence will always be in demand. Craft Market is the outlet.

Bobcat -Very up and down market. Try and catch this one on the upswing.

Until next time...

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