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So it begins...

Trapping season is upon us. At least for us in the northern part of the US. The off season preparation of traps and equipment are over and now you get to put those tools to work. The first year I started trapping I couldn't wait to see what was in my traps the next day. It was like Christmas morning for me. I was so anxious and excited that some of those first years I crammed so much in the first 2-3 weeks of trapping it wore me out. After years of that I decided to try something different.

This year I am taking a different approach. I playing the long game. Usually in ND late November brings snow and cold and foothold season is pretty much a bust if we get too much. Thank goodness for snaring. Snaring can really extend your season and catch if footholds just aren't working. In general fur still holds value into February so staying in the field longer can really be a benefit.

Keep in mind those really heavy traffic spots early in the year. There is a good chance later on those spots will yield more animals if the population is strong. Remember that if you catch a coyote there one time the chances you catch more animals there in the future are very high.

Good luck on your trapping season!!

Until next time...

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