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2021-2022 Fur Market Outlook

Fur season is fast approaching and I am sure all of you are wondering how the market is shaping up. The big offseason news was of course Canada Goose issuing a statement about their use of wild fur. They will no longer be using wild fur for the famous coyote trim ruffs on their parkas. This is a blow to the coyote market since CG was a big purchaser of the higher end Western Heavies. How will this affect the market for 2021-2022? Nobody knows for sure but here is my opinion...

I don't believe CG was a big purchaser in 2020-2021. There very well could of been a little buying on their part but most of the intel suggests they weren't as active. So, have we seen the coyote market flatten out? Due to the price coming down in 2020-2021 new overseas manufacturers were back in play for coyotes. Could these new manufacturers help keep the price going into the new season steady? At this point it is too early to tell.

Coyote -

Western heavy coyotes will still be in good demand. The lower grade goods will suffer the most IMO. As always harvesting prime goods will be your best best for top dollar. Early goods will be discounted more so than last year. Semi heavy will bring lower prices.

Red Fox -

Red fox were sold at the end of the season in 2020-2021. The cheap price had more to do with sales than actual demand. Expect Red fox to be at the same levels as last year.

Muskrat -

Low harvest numbers in 2020-2021 led to higher prices. With parts of the US in a major drought expect prices to stay the same as last year at the least and towards the end maybe advance a bit.

Raccoon -

Raccoon still hasn't recovered from higher levels years ago. I don't expect much in demand at the moment. Watch this one closely...

Beaver -

Higher end goods will bring good prices to a few select buyers. Castor will remain in good demand.


Mink is looking the same as raccoon. No demand currently.


Badger skins that are pale with feet will do the best.


Bigger skunk with good stripes are in demand for crafts.


Very up and down market. Try and catch this one on the upswing.

Until next time...


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