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Are you destined to be a fur trapper??

How many of you wonder if your destiny is to be a fur trapper? Ever wonder if your ancestors 200 years ago made a living trapping beaver?? Fur has been a big part of North America for a lot longer than most people think. Recently I learned that I had a great-great grandfather that trapped along the Mackenzie River in the NWT. He also was a fur buyer in Montana back in the early 1900's. The fur business passed thru a few generations until it found me.

Trapping dates back many years and most people probably have ancestors that dabbled in the fur business or maybe trapped beaver, muskrat or mink to make ends meet during the winter months. Little did I know I had an ancestor that did exactly what I am doing now.

Is my great-great grandfathers trapping endeavors a coincidence? Or is it something that was handed down thru means unknown?

Until next time...

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