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7th inning stretch..

Hopefully your season has been plentiful with fur. With the prime fur season coming to an end in several weeks for certain areas, I want to list some of my observations of the current fur market. With NAFA gone and FHA trying to pickup the void, there is uncertainty on how the markets will play out going forward. No doubt there has been some new country buyers popping up trying to get in on the fur market. Most articles of fur except coyotes are really depressed. Your best bet will be to market heavy raccoon for trimming, heavy beaver to a niche market that makes fur garments. Muskrats have been steady but overseas rats can be had for lower prices. Red fox demand is at the bottom of the barrel.

In ND the coyote market is red hot with very competitive prices. The fur quality so far has been really good despite the open winter for most parts of ND. Within the last week I have seen some signs of wear. The smaller coyotes are starting to rub on the side of the bellies a bit. The bigger adult coyotes are still in really good shape and will most likely stay that way well into February. I have heard mixed reports of coyote densities across ND. Also I have visited with trappers and hunters that say it has been difficult at times. A late harvest with crops still in the fields, really wet going into freeze up and the absence of a normal winter all have been discussion points.

Good luck to the rest of the season and I hope your fur sheds are full!!!

Until next time...

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