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Dog days of Summer -

The dog days of summer are upon us and before you know it fur season will be here. I have put together a preseason fur market outlook based on the most recent info I received. Things will change for sure but as of right now here is what it looks like.

Fur market update -

I have been fielding more calls and messages as of late asking about how the fur market is shaping up for the upcoming season. I have been describing the current market conditions with one word "uncertainty". By the time you read this report the FHA auction most likely has happened. Prices from the auction might give a glimpse of what to expect for price levels for the upcoming season. My guess is we will see a substantial drop in the hammer price across all sections of fur. What will those prices be?? Good question!!

Most articles of fur have been down for the last several years except the western heavy coyote. With the press release last spring from Canada Goose regarding the decision to stop buying virgin fur by 2022 the upcoming coyote market is now in question. I do think there is still some demand but manufacturing has to get back to normal in order for demand to pick like it was before. Market conditions before COVID-19 and the Canada Goose announcement will probably not be seen again for quite some time. There are other players in the coyote market but Canada Goose has the majority of the western heavy market share currently. Lets hope for other manufacturers to give western coyotes a try!!

Based on the latest news I have received from around the industry here is the preseason market outlook.. Blue some demand, uncertainty, Green is niche market, Red is very little demand

Western Coyote - Still some demand but at lower prices. Unknown future.

Red Fox - Very little demand and not improving in the near future

Raccoon - Very little demand for the heavy sections.

Muskrat - Prices are cheap but they are moving a little

Beaver - Cheap hatter prices. Better prices for heavy prime goods in smaller quantities for boutique and niche markets. Expect same price levels for the upcoming season. Castor market ended the year strong.

Wild Mink - Very little demand

Badger - Demand for fully prime with feet. Prices vary. Niche market.

Bobcat - Market very up and down. Very subjective grading and price levels.

Skunk - Big western skunk has taxidermy demand

Overall the upcoming season could be shaping up for a correction in price levels and demand. It could be a volatile year!!

Until next time...

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